The Transformer Company
The Transformer Company
GIDC, Anand, Gujarat
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Product Portfolio

Everybody will start their introduction by stating that they are best manufacturer of so and so product. We at “The Transformer Company” want to be a little different. As it is evident that we are a manufacturer of various kinds of transformers and related products like Line Reactor, Variacs, SMPS, Servo Stabilizers, Induction heating equipment etc. but are we the best? The answer is “NO”.  We don’t have a mission statement but we are guided by three words incidentally whose first initials make the article “THE” from which the name of our organization begins. The three guiding principles are “Thrust”, “Honesty” and “Efficiency”. It’s when we design a new product or execute a repeat order from an existing and a satisfied customer the only thing that is in our mind is “How can we better this?” Till date we have always found ways and means to better the then existing product. So if there is a scope of improvement then the product cannot be termed “best”. Quality is not just looks and parameter confirmation to the standard but also cost. A “Good” Quality product should also be less expensive. There is no point having good quality at exorbitant price. That is useless. That’s why there is always a thrust or one can call it a burning passion towards betterment of products, Services and the environment that we work in. We have zero tolerance towards dishonesty. Dishonesty not just towards customer but also towards our beloved suppliers and our employees is never tolerated. The third most important guiding principle is “Efficiency”. Only an efficient organization can last long in this era of cut throat competition. We at “The Transformer Company” strive to design and implement the best methods of manufacturing and manpower management so that we can achieve more work out of less effort made.